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Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass first become available in sports arenas around the country, Luton Town FC famously used an artificial grass pitch, installed in 1985 and finally replaced in 1991.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is decking material made from an engineered wood product. It contains a mix of resins and wood or cellulose material. It can be purchased at many home improvement stores


Abacus are undertaking All Roofing work from a complete new roof to minor repairs! We do Slate or Tile replacement. All flat roofing works from felt , fibreglass, and the latest EPDM with its 40 yr guarantee.

Decorating Services

Abacus Property Services are a company that prides themselves on quality, affordability and satisfaction. We’ve hundreds of satisfied customers that have enjoyed their end result

Driveway Rejuvenation

Many people across the UK have paid to have their driveways laid in various coverings, While these people may think their new drives are zero maintenance, its simply not true.