Why Should I Consider Render

Living near the coast has many advantages to boast. However there a few disadvantages that go with it. Ask anyone living near the coast about the state of their brickwork or pointing. They will all answer the same, its simply awful. It is a full time job keeping things looking as they should.

So what is the solution, the simple answer is Render

There are three main reasons for applying render to the exterior of a property:

  • To improve the appearance of the building,
  • To protect the existing walling material from weathering and damp penetration, or,
  • To improve thermal insulation.

Rendering your property can make it stand out as there are many attractive colour options available. Additionally, covering up old or unattractive brickwork with a well-applied coat of render can increase the value of your home as it often makes older properties look more modern.

Although less popular in the UK due to its complexity, there is the option of applying an Insulation Render to the exterior of your property instead of installing cavity wall insulation. It can often be applied in one coat, which decreases labour costs, although doing so is more expensive than applying traditional render.

There are few different types of Render to choose from depending your requirements and preferred look.

Abacus Property Services are experts in all manner of rendering and internal plastering, we offer value for money solutions to your external brickwork problems. Contact one of our professionals for advice and a free no obligation quotation.

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