There is a new trend in the UK and its growing at a fantastic speed. House prices have risen and it is becoming increasingly more and more expensive to move house, it seems quite often the price your existing property can bring in comparison with the cost of new housing fails into insignificance.

This leaves many potential buyers unable to do so, resulting in people having to look at other options. One option would be to sell up and to go into rented accommodation, this option usually leaves the customer with a lump sum to enjoy their lives, However for many this is not an option the standard and the numbers of properties available for rent these days is fast diminishing, The properties that are available are so at extortionate prices.

That just leaves one option which is to remodel the home and make it work for you! This trend is moving at a scary pace with more and more people extending and remodelling their homes. This has led to companies opening offering these much needed services.

We at Abacus urge you to be careful in who you choose for work and ensure you work with reputable companies that can provide all the legal paperwork required after such works.

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